Rob Gronkowski likes the “freedom to be your self” in Tampa

Getty Images

Tom Brady isn’t the only former Patriot thriving in Tampa Bay. So did Rob Gronkowski, and Gronk rubbed a little salt on the New England wound on Friday.

Via, Gronk said on SiriusXM NFL radio that Patriot coach Bill Belichick and Buccaneer’s coach Bruce Arians have “completely different approaches to the media” and player behavior.

“If we come here it will be 180, very different,” said Gronk. “I mean, I think the biggest difference is just having the freedom to be yourself in this organization.”

To be fair, Gronk always seemed to be free to be himself in New England – unlike most players. If anything, Gronk seems to be more reserved and less visible this year, possibly because he doesn’t quite have the same skills he once had.

Regardless, it’s no surprise that things are different between New England and Tampa Bay. And unlike this year, the New England approach has proven far more successful.

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