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Gabriel “Gabe” Ontiveros, owner of Royal Plumbing & Rooter Services, had a successful career when he took over his uncle’s business 19 years ago.

“When my family and I visited Flagstaff in 1997, my uncle Ruben offered me a job in his plumbing business,” he said. “At the time I was working at Smith Pipe and Supply as the irrigation warehouse manager in Oxnard, California. My kids were young and I thought Flagstaff was a good city to raise them. So we moved here. “

After Ontiveros had worked for his uncle’s business for five years, he took over the property in 2002. Its purple, gold, and white chromatic vans can be seen throughout Flagstaff and carry the slogan “Meeting Urgent Needs”.

“They do the work no one else wants to do,” said Tricia Baker, co-owner of Granite Mountain Accounting. “I worked for Gabriel as his office manager for almost eight years. He is such a great person and always ready to help others. When they need a hand up he has reached out to help them – good quality. If they need work, he is ready to teach them the craft. “

Royal Plumbing and Rooter Services currently has 18 employees. “We started with one van and now have six,” said Ontiveros.

Jeff Taylor worked as a service technician for three years. “I like the environment. It’s not what I’m used to in a normal corporate world. It’s very relaxed but professional; It’s like a little family. The guys are pretty close and the work is constant so everyone is busy. A great place to work. “

Ontiveros shares its “fish story” as its funniest job. “I went to a resident’s house for a clogged toilet,” he recalled. “The tenant insisted he had no idea why the toilet was blocked. When I let the snail run, I pulled out a fish. Then I noticed an empty aquarium. He confessed that he tried to flush the fish down the toilet. “

“Gabe has been our in-house plumber for a couple of decades,” said John Conley, owner of Salsa Brava and Fat Olives. “He’s Johnny on the spot – out quick and does a great job.”

His daughter Amber recently joined the team as an accountant, and Ontiveros’ son Joshua has worked for the company for most of his life. Ontivero’s brother-in-law Renee is also a member of the Royal Plumbing team.

“Dad made me hold the flashlight when I was a kid,” Joshua Ontiveros said with a chuckle. “But I’ve worked seriously here since I was 18. I love helping customers here, especially. Some have been with us from the start. It’s been a blessing and a great deal. “

Ontiveros is busy with three adult children and five grandchildren. His wife Nora is Executive Assistant at Unisource Energy Services. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and enjoy traveling.

Best advice I’ve ever received: Develop a healthy self-image and see yourself the way God sees you. This quote would be from my father.

The last time I was hit by the stars: My son Josh and I met Frankie Muniz, he’s the “Malcolm in The Middle” star. He lives in Phoenix, so we saw him at a basketball game. We met him up the stairs and were able to take a picture with him. He was very welcoming and a down to earth person.

What I would do with an extra day this week, with no demands and unlimited funds: I would fly to see my mother in Oxnard as a surprise and spend a day with her and the family.

Business tip I would offer to a young entrepreneur: I would say fail forward. Do not give up. Learn from your mistakes, push forward and the doors will open.

The secret to a successful life: Just like in baking a cake, there are many ingredients, but the ingredient I like most is “live to give”. FBN

By Ronnie V. Tierney, FBN

Royal Plumbing & Rooter Services can be contacted at 928-526-3659.

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