RSU 73 directors’ decision on the proposed Phoenix Boosters manual

JAY – Thursday, February 11, the Directors of Regional School Unit 73 submitted actions for the Spruce Mountain Phoenix Boosters Handbook.

Marc Keller, Sports Director of Spruce Mountain High School, presented the first draft of the manual at the board meeting on November 12th. At that meeting, some changes were proposed and a request was made to update the drafts in order to avoid confusion about the final version.

“We’re continuing to fund the Boosters Clubs. Funding goes through the office here at the high school,” said Keller on Thursday. “This is an opportunity for you to take a look and make sure we have your approval.”

The boosters want to make sure their money stays in these accounts and isn’t transferred to a general fund, he noted. Keller said he spoke to MSHS Director TJ Plourde and that he would receive something in writing.

“Whether music, visual arts, academic or sporting, there should be refresher clubs to enhance student participation in extracurricular activities without jeopardizing their eligibility,” says the beginning of the manual.

Underneath it reads: “The Spruce Mountain High School All Activity Boosters are proud of our many student athletes, arts and engineering students. It is only through the generous donations and supportive community members that we are successful with our fundraising campaign, which promotes successful seasons. We all strive to provide our students with the best possible opportunities and experience in high school while participating in our athletic, educational, and technical activities. Go to phoenix !! ”

The manual includes:

• Booster Club Policies

• Policies and responsibilities for fundraising

• Booster application form

• Example of a sports booster agenda / minutes

• Proposed annual spending plan

• Application form for fundraising campaigns

• Purchase request outside of the spending plan form

• Annual report form

• MPA Code of Ethics

• Guidelines for the MPA sports season

• Links for forms

• Possible responsibilities on game day

• Guidelines for the public use of facilities

• Social Media Policy

Director Michael Morrell said he had no questions or concerns about the manual.

“I would recommend that we take this with us to the next meeting before we approve so we can really look into it,” he said. “I didn’t have much time to think about it. My initial approval, this looks good. I want to make sure everything matches the snuff. “

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