Runners go the distance, from altitude training in Flagstaff to representing the USA in Tokyo | Sports

“In order to stay motivated to keep working every day, I just have to focus on what I am doing and focus on doing my best every day and not worrying too much about everything because it is all out of our control as athletes so we just have to go with the flow, ”said Sisson.

Schneider and Smith hope Smith will be able to attend the Olympics, but Sisson knows Treacy will not attend. You don’t worry about that.

The two already have a long-distance coaching relationship with Treacy in Rhode Island and Sisson in Arizona. For them, communicating by phone and text message, as many athletes are forced to do due to COVID-19 restrictions, which means not every coach can attend the Olympics, is the norm.

“A lot of athletes are used to seeing their coaches all the time when I’m not and we know how it works,” said Sisson. “I know what kind of feedback to give him and things like that, so it’s probably actually beneficial.”

Treacy believes her tenure at Providence means Sisson knows his system, so reiterating her lack of concern, saying one of Sisson’s strengths is her independence.

“She is very determined,” he said. “That’s why a situation like this works.”

Kathy said the same thing about Rachel. Although Rachel and Sisson know each other and train with other athletes in Flagstaff, the endurance run is ultimately an individual event.

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