SAFE received an order for UH-60 aerial work platforms for the US Army at the Yuma Proving Grounds

SAFE Structure Designs Press Release | February 26, 2021

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SAFE Structure Designs announced an order for custom work platforms for the U.S. Army’s UH-60 fleet at the Yuma Proving Ground in Tucson, Arizona. These ergonomic SAFETY FIRST maintenance stands are specially designed for the US Army UH-60. They are specifically designed to fit and function in the close-knit hangar layout of the Yuma facility.

The bespoke ergonomic stands from SAFETY FIRST allow technicians SAFE access to all areas of their UH-60 aircraft. SAFETY FIRST Photo

The ergonomic SAFETY FIRST stands give technicians safe access to all areas of their UH-60 aircraft. The stands are equipped with the latest features including a seamless adaptation to the aircraft with access to the main rotor, engine, gearbox, flight controls, tail boom, drive shafts and tail rotor. The aircraft-specific design of the stands increases safety and efficiency. SAFE has worked with the U.S. military at various locations to provide these innovative designs, developed for both aircraft and sites, including the U.S. Army National Guard UH-60 and the U.S. Coast Guard MH-60.

“We are proud to provide the US Army with more UH-60 maintenance support equipment to meet their unique challenges,” said Johnny Buscema, CEO of SAFE. “There is no other booth on the market that is as effective and efficient as our custom designs. This support equipment provides staff with safe and efficient access for all maintenance work. We have provided similar custom support equipment for a wide range of helicopters and aircraft in both civil and military fields. “

SAFE Structure Designs is the world’s leading provider of maintenance support equipment that puts safety first. SAFE listens to the needs of maintenance teams and designs custom equipment to the exact specifications that take into account realistic ergonomic factors and efficiency. SAFE provides answers to the unique challenges of working on complex aircraft.

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