Scorpio Sky on his first thoughts on working with Ethan Page, expectations for AEW Rampage

In an interview on Sunday evening, the main event, Scorpio Sky discussed his expectations for AEW Rampage, the collaboration with Ethan Page and much more. You can read his comments below.

Scorpio Sky at SCU split up with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, which took place on Dynamite instead of pay-per-view: “It’s kind of a television business now. I’m old school so I still value pay per view as the big games, and I think there are a lot of people out there who see this as I do. The reality is that it is a television business and a lot of the big games are on television. There’s never really a great time to split up a great tag team like Frankie and Chris, but it happened on Dynamite, the A Show, and one of the best wrestling shows on TV. And it got a really strong rating, so the thing about TV is that more people are going to see things on TV than pay-per-view. In this regard, you have the greatest reach of Dynamite. I’m glad it happened the way it was. “

On his expectations for AEW Rampage: “Personally, I think it’s good. One of the criticisms you might have about AEW is that we have too much talent and not enough time to showcase that talent, especially on television. I was a victim of it. Another hour of TV and the four specials a year help all of us – the people who can’t be on TV every week. We’ll have more opportunities. “

About his first thoughts on working with Ethan Page: “At first I was a little… not hesitant, but a little curious as to where this would lead. But working with Ethan was really, really good. It’s something different, it’s something fresh. I can bring out a little more of my personality than before. We have this weird chemistry that actually works and people stand behind it and they like it. I didn’t know Ethan that well when we started working together, but everything clicks and it works tremendously. I’d rather be the bad guy than the good guy. It is much easier to make people dislike you than it is to like you. Of course, I don’t worry too much that everyone in the room will like me. If you are the good one there are more rules. Ethan and I are having a great time and we can show our style, charisma and in-ring skills. We’re a strange tag team, but we’re actually very good. “

If using any of the above quotes, please credit with an h / t transcription for the Sunday night main event.

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