Scott scores for FC Tucson women in final match of season

FC Tucson’s women’s team ended their season at Phoenix’s Reach 11 soccer facility with a draw against long-time rivals SC Del Sol.

Many players were unavailable for the game, so the side featured some players who had gotten little playing time and some who had never been with the team before. Both sides played a tentative game for the first 20 minutes of the match. Both teams had jaunts into the other’s final third, but neither was able to create a strong chance at the goal.

Meredith Scott, who just recently graduated from Sahuarita’s Walden Grove, opened the scoring in the 25th minute with an assist from Linsday Hubbard, who crossed the ball from wide right.

Unfortunately for Tucson, it only took moments into the second half for Del Sol to get the ball past goalkeeper Maddie Smith. Despite FC Tucson having numerous forays upfield, their attempts ended in either saves or the ball going wide.

It was heartbreaking for FC Tucson, since the team had a chance to retain the conference championship due to a belated awarding of points for an earlier match. Still, the team ended the season with only one loss. Given how successful the team has been over the last few seasons, though, it can feel like less than success.

“We do have high standards, because we know what we can do and what we’re capable of,” said coach Kelly Pierce. “So it’s disappointing and it’s going to sting a little bit. But I think if it didn’t, it would show we didn’t care. Maybe we’ll all learn from it.”

SC Del Sol moves on to the playoffs for the first time in team history. FC Tucson’s women’s side will take the field again next summer.

Freshest of the fresh faces

Amanda Martin took the field wearing the number 19 that had been used by Ellie Robinson this season, one of many players who were unavailable for the trip.

Martin was an all Big West midfielder during her time at Cal State Northridge, so she is an experienced player. Her time there, however, was done in 2019 and much of her playing time since has been with recreational leagues, although she put in some time with WPSL side FC Fram.

One of her teammates at CSUN was FC Tucson’s Kourtney Kutcher, who let her know that the team was short of players. Martin flew out from Los Angeles to join the team on Saturday. She saw her role as a “star sub,” but she ended up starting in the midfield.

It took some time to get used to being on the field again.

“I’m a little bit out of the game and a little bit more out of shape,” she said. “I had to play a bit more strategic than aggressive.”

“If they’d love to have me back, I’d love to play again,” she added.

Anyone remember Jorge Campos?

Maddie Smith was between the pipes instead of Arizona Wildcat keeper Hope Hisey. Smith had a good outing against Las Vegas earlier this season, and coach Pierce felt that she was a better fit for this match.

In the second half, Hisey changed from her blue goalkeeper jersey to the white jersey of the field players. Fans never got to see what she would have been like as a field player as never she went in the game. We’ll have to wait to see if Arizona coach Becca Moros wants to try her out as a forward.

To quote Ronnie James Dio…

FC Tucson’s men’s match against Northern Colorado suffered from high winds and a lightning delay. Donny Toia scored in the first half then was ejected in the second. Northern Colorado’s Lachlan McClean equalized for the visitors. Carlos Merancio had six saves in the draw

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