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In December 2020, Flagstaff City Council approved a short-term rental ordinance (STR) that sets out several new regulations for these types of property. This ordinance requires all STRs in the community to register so the city can better monitor and track complaints and streamline enforcement efforts.

The full regulation can be found at in the City Act (Chapter 3-12). All STRs must be registered with the city by February 7th. STR owners and operators who have not received notification can contact [email protected] to register the property.

As part of this regulation, the City of Flagstaff has set up a 24-hour hotline that constituents can use to report incidents related to short-term rentals. Constituents can use either the hotline number or the online form:

Information submitted through the 24 hour hotline or online incident report form will be forwarded to the STR operator’s emergency contact for a response and Flagstaff City officials will take follow-up if necessary. The information is stored in a central database. This system allows the collection of quantitative and qualitative data rather than relying on anecdotes and disparate information to resolve conflicts and measure the impact of STRs.

For more information on STRs in Flagstaff, please visit or email [email protected].

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