Should the Phoenix Suns consider bringing Isaiah Thomas back?

The Phoenix Suns want their dark days as a franchise slaughtered, buried, and essentially obliterated as they begin to chase their first NBA championship. After the team fully closed this less enjoyable chapter in their history books last year, no one wants to revisit it while so many brighter days lie ahead.

However, part of the 2014-15 Phoenix season keeps coming back into the NBA’s spotlight.

Like a lost buoy on the high seas, Free Agent Point Guard Isaiah Thomas continues to float around lonely, not sinking, jumping up and down to attract attention. The team that last saw him came from Phoenix’s own division, as the Golden State Warriors invited him to practice this week.

Warriors are working out free agent guards Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and ex-warrior Quinn Cook this week, sources @TheUndefeated said. Warriors want to hire a tall man and 2 guards for the camp. The training sessions include 5-on-5 games with a diverse group of free agents.

– Marc J. Spears (@MarcJSpears) September 20, 2021

But at this point Thomas remains unsigned, leading to the assumption that the warriors are no longer interested in his services. This is just another episode in the Thomas Free Agency saga where several other teams also worked with him this summer, only to let him go without a signature.

Five years ago, Thomas finished fifth in the MVP poll with an average of 28.9 points and 5.9 assists per game at the Boston Celtics. His involvement in the Kyrie Irving deal, however, sent him to Cleveland, where injuries soon afterwards ruined his career.

After leaving the Cavaliers, Thomas played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards and finally the New Orleans Pelicans for three competitions last season. He averaged just 12.6 points per game while shooting 38.4 percent out of the field.

But despite his decline in MVP viewing, Thomas remains a notable talent who deserves a spot on an NBA roster. Despite his sudden fall, he continues to work on his game and even lost 81 points in a Pro-Am game a month ago.

During his earlier days with the Suns, Thomas averaged a solid 15.2 points per game and shot 39.1 percent from a long distance. But as we all know, there is still a lot of time in between, and the team also looks very different at this point.

However, Thomas still seems to be in love with Phoenix. He celebrated the “Valley-Oop” on Twitter with the rest of the world and paid special tribute to former teammate and current Suns power forward Jae Crowder.

Amazing pass from Jae !!!!

– Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) June 23, 2021

Even today’s Suns players know all about the courage and passion that Thomas brings with him. After Chris Paul proved his own doubters were wrong during last year’s Phoenix Run through the postseason, Chris Paul paid homage to Thomas and his patented “Slow Grind”.

The Suns still have one extra spot on the squad, and frankly there’s no real reason for James Jones to turn Thomas down on a minimum contract. At the very least, it acts as a floor spacer and solid changing room presence, which fully embodies a low-risk perspective.

Additionally, Phoenix currently has Elfrid Payton as their third string point guard. Last year Payton got an ugly -97 plus / minus score at the New York Knicks. While this remains an inflated statistic that only slightly reflects a player’s talents, every time you go that far in the red there is serious concern.

As a veteran who knows his role, Thomas only wants to support what the suns have built instead of threatening it like Payton. Nor is there any mention of his unrivaled work ethic, which is sure to make him a dear student for Monty Williams.

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