Signs encourage people to join the Phoenix Police Department as the department faces a shortage of officers

Large banners hope to attract new recruits to the Phoenix Police

The department has been trying to achieve full staffing since 2015.

In Phoenix, large signs are popping up around the city as the city police department continues its police recruitment efforts.

One of these recruitment signs can be seen outside the Phoenix Police headquarters.

“We want officers. We need officers,” said Sgt. Mercedes Fortune with the Phoenix Police Department. “Our community wants to make sure we have the officials to help them.”

Phoenix Police briefly about 200 officers

The department has had a mission to achieve full staffing since 2015. In a perfect world. The Phoenix Police Department would have 3,100 officers on its force. The department currently has around 2,900 civil servants.

“I think these numbers are so important when we are talking about responding to emergencies and having the right people in those situations who need help from people,” said Sgt. Fortune.

There are a number of reasons officials might be leaving, including retiring, changing careers, or simply moving out of the state.

“We want people to understand that this is a lifelong career,” said Sgt. Fortune. “This is 20-25 years of what you will give back to the community.”

Department looking for recruits from all walks of life

For new hires, the process starts with a written test, which can also be taken online for those who are not near Phoenix.

Luis Samudio, a Phoenix police officer, says that to become a police officer, a recruit must have an attitude for your community and a desire to make a difference.

“Diversity is important so that we can understand how culture works and know where everyone goes in and out of our communities,” said Det. Samudio.

Phoenix Police Recruiting

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