Signs of Progress and the Need for More Research to Improve Yuma Air Quality

The Arizona Board of Regents has approved a new grant program that will partner the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality(ADEQ) with researchers at the state’s three public universities to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Arizona communities.

Research will focus on five subject areas: contaminated water, valley fever and dust, recycling, waste from abandoned mines, and high ozone levels.

The goal is to look for innovative solutions to mitigate the effects and improve our understanding of issues that impact community budgets and public health.

For Yuma County, high ozone levels are a particular problem. Usually high ozone impacts urban areas but Yuma’s agriculture industry and an abundance of sunlight contribute to higher than normal levels. There are other factors, too.

ADEQ Air Quality Division Director Daniel Czecholinski spoke with Arizona Edition about Yuma County’s air quality and how furthering research to monitor and prevent risks builds on a 30-year success story when it comes to air quality across the state.

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