Singled out: The Pessimist from Phoenix Within

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Individual art by Colin Lubinski, courtesy of A Little Bit Louder MusicIndividual art by Colin Lubinski, courtesy of A Little Bit Louder Music

New York based rockers The Phoenix Within recently released their new single, “Pessimist”. To celebrate, we asked the band to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

“Pessimist” is a heavy rock track that is 5 minutes and 36 seconds long. Musically, the song takes you on a journey where you, the listener, experience life with the eyes and mindset of an optimist who becomes a pessimist. The lyrics were inspired by all the negative thoughts and energies that all artists and creators are exposed to daily from external and internal forces. The track is long but has many musical layers and, despite its audio length, you will rewind and play it back to catch something new every time.

Omar Feliciano – the front man of The Phoenix Within – says: “I remember there was a lot going on during the making of Pessimist and I mean a lot of back and forth between the musical elements of the song and lyrical work. I remember one of ours just before When we came to jam, we talked about how people doubt us and our musical goals. At some point I remember that I doubted and thought everything they doubt and think of us, followed by Nick’s opening bass- Part, some of them I put creepy melodic lyrics to some of them, inspired by that conversation, John’s rocking guitar parts came in, then I’m sure James the drummer probably did something annoying and messed everything up, which leads to us probably starting over. ”

Nicholas Narlis – bassist for The Phoenix Within – says: “I mean, it started a scary song, we had different parts than now. We didn’t like the first drafts. So we put it.” to the side until John and I pretty much rewrote it and Omar revived and reorganized everything with his lyrics. We had a little argument between John, James, Omar and me about how long the song would last. During the production and recording of the song we had fun with it and even more ideas came up for the song. ”

John Narlis – the guitarist on The Phoenix Within – recalls and says, “It started with Nick’s bass intro part. I’ve been playing around with different ways of playing the same riff, so we have the same riff in four different ways throughout the song We raised the idea during several rehearsals and we never really got anywhere. We came up with a lot of different choir ideas that never really stuck. They seemed too simple and not very energetic. After I came up with the Idea had come. As we kept playing the verse over and over into something new, we had the inspiration to finish it. Nick and I could sit down and put the structure together to accidentally create the breakthrough bridge. I happened to have part of the chorus called the we repeated, the thought sounded cool and added a few chords and we had our hard part that Omar asked for Remember that after every rehearsal, Omar said we tried to do something difficult. When Nick returned to his intro part towards the end of the song, I added some chords to harmonize and follow the bass part, making for interesting and fun changes to the time signature. The last part of the song we got from a previous choir idea that we liked. Since we did a little preproduction before going into the studio, we had time to play around with some sound effects and additional instruments. I don’t think we would have that if we didn’t do our own preproduction. “”

“Ultimately,” says Feliciano, “I’m very proud of the work The Phoenix Within has done so far, while all musicians have struggled with the setback after the setback and the loss of income from live performances. We were very lucky . ” In a strange way, this song highlights the trials and celebrates our little victories. We released Pessimist on Friday, January 15th, 2021 and that weekend hit the iTunes rock chart at number 146. It lasted 4 days and eventually climbed to number 9. This was the first time a song from The Phoenix had been released Within made it into a chart. Although it was short-lived, one of our songs could be said to have been made to celebrate the top 10 on the iTunes rock chart among 200 rock songs featured nationwide. In order to achieve this goal, we would like to thank our manager Chris Bianchi, our publicist Megan Langley and of course all fans, friends and family who continue to support our art and music. ”

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and see for yourself below and find out more about the band here

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