Sloppy game ends in Phoenix 19-7 defeat | Lebanon

Cumberland and No. 17 Georgetown turned the ball a total of eight times on a rainy Friday night at Nokes-Lasater Field. The visiting Tigers won 19-7.

Cumberland’s (0-3) offense resulted in a total offense of 215 yards. 169 yards came to the ground from 46 porters. Cumberland attempted 27 passes, most of them thrown in one game that season, and completed nine passes for 46 yards.

The Phoenix were penalized 10 times, resulting in 117 Georgetown yards and giving them four first downs. Cumberland made this game much better offensively and defensively in third place. The offensive converted 7 out of 19 first downs while the defense converted the Tiger’s offense into 3 out of 15 conversions.

Treylon Sheppard hit 27 runs for 127 yards in his fifth touchdown of the season. His long run of the game came in the third quarter when he broke for 68 yards. Brandon Edmonson checked the game in at the quarterback in the second half and hurried five runs for 44 yards. Edmondson also completed 4 of 17 passes for 26 yards and threw two picks.

Georgetown (2-0) launched a 308 meter attack, 235 meters in the air and 73 meters on the ground. Using the Tiger’s two quarterback system, Hunter Krause completed 9 of 19 passes from 154 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Zach Dampier completed 9 of 15 passes for 81 yards. Jake Johnson was the recipient of many targets, taking six catches for 89 yards and one score. Isaiah Cobb threw the skirt 12 times for 41 yards and Nick Conley had 8 carry for 30 yards and a touchdown.

Georgetown scored the first goal after both teams were knocked out three times twice. The Tigers took over after a jump-off that Darius Barbour returned 32 yards to the 39-yard line from Cumberland. Krause did three passes to get her to the five-yard line, and Conley tossed her in for a 5-yard score. The Tigers led 7-0 with 8:19 on the left in the first half.

Georgetown added three points after a 48-yard 10-game drive ended with a 30-yard field goal and left 1:03 in the first, where the score would stay until halfway.

Cumberland received the ball halfway and started his journey in 10 minutes. The second game went for a 10-yard sack from Derek Wellman in the end zone for safety reasons.

Cumberland would allow the Tigers and Georgetown would capitalize on a touchdown. Krause found Jake Johnson in a series and with a 19-0 lead.

Montinus Hill Jr. took the following nudge to the house, but it was recalled for a chopping block. Treylon Sheppard went 68 yards on the next game to get the Phoenix into the red zone. Sheppard would fumble it three games later and Georgetown would take over.

Jamaal Thompson would pick Krause to get the ball back for CU, and Sheppard would end the job with a 7-yard touchdown rush this time around. Cumberland followed 19-7 with 3:29 in the third.

Cumberland would trigger two interceptions in the fourth quarter and flip the downs in the fourth quarter as the game would end 19-7.

Cumberland will be absent this week from the built-in bye week the conference made for the season. The Phoenix will return home next weekend against Lindsey Wilson on March 12th at 6pm in Nokes-Lasater.

Georgetown 19, Cumberland 7

Georgetown – Nick Conley 5 Run (Chris Cline Kick), 8:23.

Georgetown – Cline 30 FG, 1:06.

Georgetown Security. Derek Wellman attacks the runner in the end zone at 2:09 p.m.

Georgetown – Jake Johnson 25 pass by Hunter Krause (Cline Kick), 10:39.

Cumberland – Treylon Sheppard 7 Run (Austin Nunley Kick), 3:30.

Rushes yards 39-73 46-169

—Comp.-Att.-Int. 18-34-1 9-27-0

Penalty 8-81 10-117

RUSHING – Georgetown: Isaiah Cobb 12-41, Nick Conley 8-30, Hunter Krause 3-8, Bryson Cobb 1-7, Jake Johnson 1-6, Xavier Abernathy 3-3, Darius Barbour 1-3, Team 3- ( -11). Zack Dampier 7 – (- 14). Cumberland: Treylon Sheppard 27-127, Brandon Edmondson 5-44, Bret Robinson 3-10, Riley Darden 1-7, Kaleb Witherspoon 2-2, Team 1 – (- 8), Avery Harris 7 – (- 13).

PASSING – Georgetown: Hunter Krause 9-19-1-154, Zack Dampier 9-15-0-81. Cumberland: Brandon Edmondson 4-17-2-26, Avery Harris 5-10-0-20.

RECEIVED – Georgetown: Jake Johnson 6-89, Isaiah Cobb 3-58, Darius Barbour 5-41, Noah Kremer 1-22, Anthony Maggard 1-16, Nick Conley 2-9. Cumberland: Jaylen Taylor 5-28, Ian Hafner 2-14, Alex Valdez 2-4.

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