Snow-covered shutout: Flagstaff Girls Soccer approaches with victory over Sahuarita | to the 4A State Tourney semi-finals in front of the venue

The smoothness and tough handling were immediately apparent when Albert almost let the first shot on goal go by as she took a second to adjust to her wet gloves and wet ball.

“I think it was about keeping that focus for us,” said Jones. “I think they adjusted well and had a lot of energy. I really liked our physicality running through the snow, other players and everything, holding the ball in front of us. For Lianna, whenever it’s a smooth ball, wet Gloves, you kind of want to give her as many reps as possible so that she can have that experience when the ball bounces on her. “

Perhaps the snow and cold were bothering the Tucson-based team, or the Eagles just had the right schedule when the home team took their second overall win at the state tournament.

Flagstaff’s Morgan Caslin, 13, works his way towards the goal during a 4A Conference State tournament game against Sahuarita Saturday at Flagstaff High School.

Rachel Gibbons, Arizona Daily Sun.

Flagstaff scored a goal from Morgan Caslin after just over seven minutes. Caslin aimed her shot from the right corner of the box and caught the Mustangs goalkeeper for the goal.

She hit again after a strong push from team-mate Cici Garcia, who found Caslin close to the net for a short goal on 18 minutes in the first half. Garcia, just under four minutes later, found the back of the net himself to put Flagstaff 3-0 ahead. There were about 14 minutes left in the first half.

The Eagles remained goalless for the next 40 minutes until Kate Bouck completed the win with a late result.

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