South East Melbourne Phoenix upset Melbourne United in prone semi-finals

South East Melbourne Phoenix went the way and talked a bit at the finish as they forced a crucial game of their semi-final series with Melbourne United and won the second game on Sunday 90:79 in Sydney.

The Phoenix stars Keifer Sykes and Mitch Creek were the catalysts for the turnaround with 26 points each. Creek cheered on United rookie striker Mason Peatling in the final minutes, with microphones recording Creek and telling his opponent, “See you in the third game.”

Yanni Wetzell is committed to Phoenix.Recognition:Getty Images

Peatling wiped it off, saying United had to be much better in the decision that will take place behind closed doors in Sydney on Tuesday night.

“I’m not really concerned about anything he says to me,” said Peatling.

“I’m more concerned about what Coach Vickerman is telling me and how I can help my team win.

“You beat us today. Respect for them, they did a great job but we will see them in the third game too. We will also be on fire and ready to respond as a group. “

United won game one confidently and led the league with a 28-8 record. But they looked a long way from that team on Sunday when coach Dean Vickerman voiced his frustration with 56 fouls being awarded and a total of 68 free throws being shot.

Star United center Jock Landale was fouled in 13 minutes after scoring 26 points in the first game and Vickerman wants answers from the NBL as to why they switched two of the three umpires between games one and two, despite adding, that his team had themselves to blame for a poor fourth quarter.

“We knew this was going to be Creek and Sykes today, and that they were going to lower their heads and attack, but that led to something ridiculous,” Vickerman said.

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