South Phoenix, a nonprofit, aims to help seniors look after grandchildren

PHOENIX, AZ – A nonprofit in South Phoenix is ​​committed to helping seniors who, due to various circumstances, are now the primary caregivers of their grandchildren.

Dana Burns, born and raised in South Phoenix, started an A Permanent Voice Foundation in 2018 to help her community.

“To be a voice for those without a voice, so simple and clear,” she said.

Burns has partnered with other organizations, community groups, and pantries to provide resources for these grandparents, including legal aid, meals, and literacy programs.

“This is a brand new world for them with technology, learning, math, and reading, and some of the seniors I work with unfortunately don’t know how to read,” said Burns.

A permanent voice also provides services to young people. They have a basketball program, advice and help in school.

Patricia Malone has used some of these programs. She has 24 grandchildren and is raising two of them.

“It helped a lot with a lot of things – for the holidays. Just the communication and the things we need and when you need to talk. So it’s really helpful,” Malone said.

The non-profit organization currently helps more than 200 people.

Burns said she hoped to expand. “It feels good for me to be able to come back and give my people where I was rooted. I mean, this is my home, this is right here.”

Burns is working with other community partners to bring a youth center to South Phoenix.

Learn more about A Permanent Voice Foundation here.

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