Stephen Nelson | Obituaries |

69, was intelligent, kind, generous, and thoughtful. He was very excited about all that life had to offer and was very happy to share it with others. He offered honesty, integrity and lack of judgment. He always questioned assumptions and himself. Steve has been a mentor and friend to many in every chapter of his life. Simply put, Steve made people’s lives better with his wit, wisdom and generous soul. Steve was born on April 30, 1951 in Racine, Wisconsin, to Paul and Joan (Shelhart) Nelson. He graduated from McCluer High School in Florissant, Missouri in 1969, where he sported a Beatles haircut and a slight smile. After spending his college years growing his hair, riding motorcycles, and listening to music, especially Clapton, Steve lived as a quality engineer and manager for more than 25 years. Steve proudly withdrew early to focus on the things he enjoyed like his Harley Davidson, his boat, music, golf, and billiards. Steve died on February 2, 2021 at his Tucson, Arizona home after a brief battle with cancer. He will be greatly missed by his significant other, Trish; his golf and pool buddies; his high school sweetheart Patty, with whom he was friends for more than 50 years; and all those whose thoughts and souls he touched. Steve was preceded in death by his mother, father, and wife Rebecca. He is survived by his brother John.


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