Strategic plan | City of Yuma, AZ

Vision statement

Yuma is a thriving, safe, and prosperous community with opportunity powered by innovation, partnership, collaboration, and solid education – a unique place that all generations can proudly share.

Strategic results

SAFE & PROSPEROUS – Yuma is a safe, prosperous city that supports thriving businesses, access to education, and opportunity for generations to come.

Active and engaging

ACTIVE & COMPLAINT – Yuma plans and uses its natural resources, public spaces and cultural facilities to support an active and engaging community.

Connected and committedCONNECTED & COMMITTED – Yuma is connected and engaged through active communication, future-oriented partnerships and ongoing public engagement.

Unique and creativeUNIQUE & CREATIVE – Yuma is a unique and creative community built on our shared history, our sense of place, and our civic pride.

Respected and responsibleRESPECTED & RESPONSIBLE – Yuma is a trusted steward of the city’s resources. relied on providing world class service and regional leadership.

For more information on the Yuma City Strategic Plan, see below.

Strategic Plan for the City of Yuma, Arizona, 2021-2025

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