Street Smarts: Tucson’s Ormsby Park named for Civil War veteran | History



Special thanks to Perri Pyle of the Arizona Historical Society and also the staff of the Pinal County Historical Society for research assistance on this article.

Interview with Ruby Myers Carter (Great Granddaughter of William W. Ormsby)

1922 William W. Ormsby death certificate (date of birth)

1852 William Wallace Ormsby blessing card in Salt Lake City. (LDS records, Fathers name, and County born)

1845 William Ormsby blessing card in Nauvoo, IL (LDS Records–Parents names and date of birth)

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1845 William Ormsby blessing card in Nauvoo, IL (LDS Records–family location at time)

The Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples:

The Milo Adrus Company:

1850 U.S. Census, Utah (William, William Wallace and Levi W. Ormsby)

1861 John Stoker letter to Abner Ormsby in reply to a request of the whereabouts of his brother William Ormsby Sr.

William W. Ormsby, Volunteer Enlistment document (City of birth,etc.)

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1867 Great Register of Sonoma County, California

1868 Great Register of San Diego County, California

1870 U.S. Census (William and Levi Ormsby, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara, California)

“List of Advertised Letters,’ Arizona Citizen, Nov. 11, 1871

Ormsby mining note, Arizona Citizen, March 1, 1873

1873 WWOrmsby and Refugia Buelna marriage record

1900 Ormsby family US Census Maricopa, Arizona (Refugia born in Mexico, immigrated to US in 1870)

“Federal Census — Territory of New Mexico and Territory of Arizona

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Trains of Antonio Buelna … note, The Arizona Star, June 21, 1877

1876 ​​(b. Mar. 27, 1876) (Baptized Mar. 31, 1876) Guillermo Ormsby baptism record, St. Augustine Baptisimal Register Vol. 1

1878 (b. Mar. 14, 1878) (Baptized Apr. 1, 1878) Carmen Ormsby. St. Augustine Baptismal Register Vol. 1

1900 Ormsby family US Census Maricopa, Arizona (Rosa and Rafael birth dates)

1876 ​​Pinal County Great Register (William W. Ormsby, near Florence, Arizona)

Mining Locations, (Phebe B.), Arizona Daily Star, June 16, 1880

1881 Tucson City Directory (WL Brooks info)

“Suicide of a Veteran,” The Daily Examiner (San Francisco), Jan. 7, 1889

1894 George W. Myers and Carmen “Cary” Ormsby marriage record (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona)

1895 Dececino Duarte and Rosa Ormsby marriage record (Florence, Pinal County, Arizona)

1901 William W. Ormsby and Teodora Silvas, Marriage License no. 259

“Married,” The Florence Tribune, April 20, 1901

“Six Days of Bliss,” Arizona Republican, May 28, 1903

Teodora Ormsby granted divorce from William Ormsby note, Arizona Republican, Sept. 24, 1903

William Ormsby refinds quartz-filled veins note, Arizona Republican, Oct. 6, 1903

(For 1903) “Appointment and Pensions,” Arizona Republican, April 13, 1902

1910 William W. Ormsby homestead record (Pinal County, Arizona)

1910 William W. Ormsby,(Rosa Duarte) Pinal County, US Census

1912 Official Register of Electors, (Pinal) County, Arizona

1917 Tucson City Directory

Bronx Park Addition plat map

1935 Estate of William W. Ormsby paper work (Bronx Park Addition property)

1920 William Ormsby, Dona Ana County, New Mexico Census

1922 William Ormsby death certificate

“Mortuary: William Wallace Ormsby,” Tucson Citizen, Jan. 3, 1923

1933, 1935, 1936 & 1937 Tucson City Directories

“Council Considers Rezoning,” (Model Cities miniparks) Tucson Daily Citizen, Sept. 25, 1971

1972 Demesia Ormsby letter to Mayor Lew Murphy

“Council Forms Operations Dept.,” (Naming of Ormsby Park), Arizona Daily Star, Aug. 15, 1972


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