Suspected active shooter caught after shots reported near a Yuma high school

YUMA, Ariz. (KGUN) — A Yuma, Ariz. high school went into lockdown Monday morning around 8:22 am when reports of an active shooter in the vicinity near the school surfaced, according to communications from Yuma Union High School District.

The district alerted members of the Gila Ridge High School community that shots had been fired in the school parking lot, and that students were “secure in classrooms while police search[ed] for the suspect.”

Two Yuma Air Branch helicopter crews and Border Patrol agents assisted with the search for the suspect by following a set of footprints in an undeveloped area south of the school.

Local police followed up and were able to find and arrest the individual they identified as the suspected shooter.

Authorities say the investigation is currently open.

“These are the situations we train for, to be able to respond immediately to incidents of dire urgency,” said Douglas Murray, Director of Yuma Air Branch. “Our crews regularly partner with US Border Patrol in situations like this to increase the effectiveness in stopping potentially violent threats.”

The school district released a string of communications as the search was underway, telling the community that although the lockdown remained in place, police were in the process of finding the suspect off-campus. The district shared that no active shooter was on campus during the incident.



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