Tampa Normal Hospital’s COVID ICU Nurse Supervisor Named Tremendous Bowl Honorary Captain

To meet Susie Dorner.

Joined the medical intensive care unit as nurse manager just a few months after being promoted in October 2019 Tampa General HospitalYour world has been changed forever.

COVID-19 hit Florida and spread across the country. Within 24 hours, their unit was converted into a COVID unit to prepare for sick patients.

Without skipping a blow, Dorner took action to support her team of nurses and patients. Addressed the most critical cases, Dorner focused on human connection and emotional health in an era of social distance and PSA.

“We’ve all endured so much last year,” she said. “It’s emotionally, mentally and physically demanding. We have all seen so much. I’ve seen things that I never thought I’d see in my life. In July, I entered our 18-bed COVID intensive care unit and every single person was intubated, which I have never seen in my career. There were also younger patients in their twenties and thirties. At that time I said, “Oh no. It is here. That is real.'”

Throughout the year, Dorner focused on staying calm and supporting her team.

“I had to be the person who said, ‘Hey guys, I’ll be fine. We’ll get through this together, ”she said.

This month Susie Dorner’s life has changed forever.

Dorner received a request to join a video call Rob Higgins, the executive director of the Tampa Sports Commission and chairman of the Tampa Bay Super Bowl Host Committee. True to her altruistic nature, Dorner immediately thought of her team and the upcoming Super Bowl LV in Tampa.

“I thought he was going to give me tickets to give some of my team members to the Super Bowl and that would have been great,” Dorner recalled.

Instead, Higgins and Derrick Brooks, a Tampa Bay linebacker and NFL Hall of Famer, asked her to serve the community again, this time as the Super Bowl honorary captain for the National Football League.

In recognition of her selfless commitment to the community and service to others, Dorner will be on the field during the ceremonial coin toss at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday evening. Dorner is accompanied by two other award winners, the military veteran James Martin and educator Tremaine Davis attend the ceremony.

“I still can’t believe it’s real,” said Dorner. “I’m only one in 18 million healthcare workers in America. So it is only an honor to be chosen to represent them. “

Dorner attributes her persistence to the TGH leadership, which has continuously supported her team through the pandemic.

“Our leadership at Tampa General has been absolutely phenomenal since Day 1 when we responded to the pandemic,” Dorner said. “Whenever there was a problem, they’ll help you solve it quickly.”

Dorner, Martin, and Davis receive another award for their unwavering commitment to excellence. National Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman was commissioned by the NFL to write a poem dedicated to their leadership. The poem will be recited during Sunday’s pregame show on CBS.

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