Teenagers from the viral Phoenix Suns game video describe “once in a lifetime” experience

PHOENIX – A group of Valley teenagers describe their experience after being televised during the first game of the Western Conference semifinals at the Phoenix Suns Arena on Monday.

Her reaction to a fourth quarter play went viral – shared on social media across multiple networks.

Hayden Stebbins, 15, Abel Villagomez, 15, Adam Essom, 14 and Andrew Pitts, 15 said the energy in the arena is electric. In fact, Suns fans were so hyped that they attracted national attention.


Phoenix Suns fans Hayden, Abel, Adam & Andrew

“We were sitting right behind where the suns hit, we were sitting right behind their basket, so the game played like it did in front of us because we were close too,” said Essom.

Even the Suns used the clip and their reaction to showcase their fan base.

“It was like luck,” said Villagomez.

“One of my friends texted me saying they saw me on TV, and then some friends texted me … It was crazy,” said Stebbins.

The aspiring sophomores have been friends for a number of years. You have already been to the Sun Games – but the atmosphere on Monday was a unique experience.

“We were all so crazy,” said Pitts.

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“It was just really electrifying and one thing I noticed is that nobody gave up. Because like most of the game, the Suns were down but like the crowd kept the energy going from start to finish,” said Essom .

“There’s just a lot of noise so it’s just loud and then it goes crazy,” said Villagomez.

The four feel good about the rest of the series and hope that the fans will continue to stand behind the players.

“Suns definitely have a bright future, we will definitely get a ring this year,” said Essom.

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