Tesla Approved Collision Shops In Phoenix Will Repair Geico-Insured Cars, Company Confirms

Tesla says its authorized service centers in Phoenix, Arizona, will repair Geico-insured vehicles, contrary to coverage in the media based on reports from Teslarati and a tweet from Wham Bam Tesla Cams, including here at Carscoops.

The EV company reached out to us after we reported on the story from Teslarati which had spoken to a Tesla owner claiming that an authorized repair shop wouldn’t fix his damaged car. We wrote that the owner stated to the outlet that he had been in a no-fault accident and that Geico wouldn’t sanction the repairs to his car, potentially leaving him out of pocket. Teslarati had noted that it reached out to Geico but did not get any response.

Tesla dug into the origins of the story and said that the Phoenix shop in question (as well as other authorized repair shops in the area) was in fact servicing and repairing Geico-insured vehicles, and had dozens of such cars through its workshop this year.

We’ve replaced the original post with this one to reflect the true nature of the situation. While we should have put more legwork into verifying the claims made in the original Teslerati story before committing it to the internet, the problem remains that, unlike nearly every other carmaker in the business, Tesla does not have a press office that we can contact to check the facts of these kinds of stories, after having solved its PR department back in 2020.

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