The 51-year-old Tucson couple die just days apart from local COVID-19 news

On Wednesday, Jesus was extremely tired and could not walk. After suffering a subdural hematoma or cerebral haemorrhage and undergoing brain surgery two years ago, they feared it might have returned.

While he was in the emergency room that day, Jesus developed a mild fever, which prompted doctors to test him for respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Within a few hours, his test was positive for both the virus and pneumonia and he was immediately transferred to the coronavirus unit. However, even under these circumstances, his children said he remained positive.

“He was always a joker until the end,” said Raquel. “The day I took him to the emergency room, he was joking with the nurses. He loved to talk and tell every detail of every story, he couldn’t just get to the point of the story, he had to guide you through the ‘journey’. “

Two days later, Maria was also tested for COVID-19. On Monday, January 18, she had extreme difficulty breathing and was hospitalized before she even knew what her test results were.

When Liz, Jesus Jr. and Raquel could finally see their father, he almost stopped responding and was unable to swallow or obey orders. The virus had a significant impact on his brain.

On his last visit to his mother’s house, Jesus Jr. said Mary had asked about her husband. Knowing that his father was running out of time, he simply told her that he was still fighting.


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