The Brown family’s finances continue to spiral out of control

The Brown family is busy during their break from filming Sister Wives. Janelle Brown first received news that her landlord had sold her rental property. Now Robyn Brown and Kody Brown are lagging behind with the City of Flagstaff. Brown family supporters can’t help but wonder if moving to Flagstaff was one of the worst ideas the family has ever had.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown grapple with a tax lien on the house they bought together

The news that Janelle had to find another rental property only came out last week. However, their property problems are not the family’s only problem. Kody and Robyn are officially behind with their joint house. According to The US Sun, Kody and Robyn owe the state more than $ 1,000 in property taxes.

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According to Arizona court records, Kody and his fourth bride missed two tax payments on their sprawling five-bedroom, four-bathroom home. The house that Kody and Robyn bought in 2019 is worth $ 890,000 and has been a point of contention between Kody and Robyn. Kody even threatened a divorce when he and his wife couldn’t come to an agreement.

This isn’t the first time the cast of Sister Wives have publicly addressed financial issues

Kody and Robyn’s current tax lien is nowhere near the first time they’ve publicly addressed a financial problem. Much of Season 14 of Sister Wives dealt with the financial burden of moving to Flagstaff. However, TLC cameras failed to recognize their problem with paying their property taxes on time. Since moving to Flagstaff, the Browns have been late paying their taxes several times.

In January 2021, The US Sun reported that Kody was more than $ 3,000 behind with the Arizona Treasurer’s office. The debt was tied to a piece of land and the house he owns with Robyn. Kody paid off both debts.

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In 2019, the family faced similar financial difficulties. The Browns owed the state as a unit nearly $ 7,000 in back taxes on several lots, including two vacant lots. Kody and his wives continue to pay property taxes on the Coyote Pass, but they haven’t done anything with it yet. Janelle Brown showed off the vacant land in a recent Instagram post, causing fans to ask questions about their plans for the acreage.

Was moving to Flagstaff Arizona a bad idea?

The Brown family has moved a lot. In her book, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody and wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown said they had moved more than a dozen times before Robyn joined the family. They hopped around in multiple cities in Utah and even moved out of the state a couple of times. Her move to Las Vegas, under cover of darkness in the first season finale of Sister Wives, seemed rash, but it all worked out in the end.

Your latest move doesn’t seem nearly as fruitful, however. In 2018, Kody presented the idea of ​​selling the family’s four homes in Las Vegas and buying vacant land in Flagstaff. Although not everyone was on board with the move at first, they made it anyway. They bought a large piece of land for over $ 800,000 before selling their Las Vegas homes. For some fans that seemed like the beginning of the end.

Since moving to Flagstaff, the Browns have weathered multiple rental moves, financial ties, filming problems, and growing family tensions. Was moving a bad idea? Most fans believe that. Even some of Kody’s women are no longer obliged to make Flagstaff their forever home. However, fans will have to wait and see if the issues are fixed. TLC hasn’t announced a 16th season of the series, but Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti Padron stated that there would be one during a live Instagram event.

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