The city of Tucson is launching a program to address improper recycling

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – According to the city of Tucson, millions of dollars are wasted each year on trash that is mistakenly thrown into trash cans.

“Contamination is definitely something to look out for. There are many small forms,” ​​said Angelica Valencia, program inspector for the city of Tucson, “Feet on the Street.”

It is Valencia’s job to find trash in wastebasket before it is processed. Over the next two months, she and nine other temporary city workers will be walking through the Tucson neighborhoods teaching residents how to properly recycle. The City of Tucson calls it their Feet on the Street program.

“If they open the lid and see something dirty and unrecyclable, they put a label on the back. A resident sees the label and there is a checklist of what’s in the bin. Then the inspector becomes track it. ” the app, “said Kendra Hall of the Department of Environment and General Services for the City of Tucson.

Improperly recycled items like plastic bags, groceries, liquids, cables and wires could now come with a price. With the first offense, the residents receive a warning and the city collects their trash as rubbish. The second and third offenses will result in a fine of up to $ 25.

The fourth time a resident breaks recycling rules, Hall said, “We’ll pull your trash can. You won’t be able to recycle in our program.”

By early summer, Tucson’s goal is to reduce bin contamination by 15%.

“Of course we want to save money so we can do other things, but we also care about recycling. Recycling is good for the environment. We want to continue recycling in Tucson,” said Hall.

For more information on proper recycling in the City of Tucson, click here.


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