The Cologuard Classic & Tucson Appliance Center raises money for charity

TUCSON (KVOA) – This week’s Cologuard Classic celebrations kicked off here in Old Pueblo with the Tucson Appliance Center-sponsored Am-Am Golf Excursion Caboose Cup ™.

Tens of thousands of dollars were raised at the amateur tournament at the Omni Tucson National Resort.

“It’s very important for us to raise money for us to raise money for the kids because people know me, it’s all about the kids,” said Chris Edwards, owner of the tournament’s sponsor, Tucson Appliance Center .E Edwards, a member of The Tucson Conquistadores Group, which has led the Cologuard Classic for several years, is proud to have joined the Colon Cancer Coalition.

(Mathew Sorochty, Colon Cancer Coalition) “It’s incredibly important at this point because cancer doesn’t stop, and with COVID last year it’s really making an impact on people and organizations being screened,” said Mathew Sorochty, of the Colon Cancer Coalition: “We’re really helping these people get over the hump and help others achieve this.”

Aside from all of the money raised for local charities, people keep an eye on the Cologuard Classic to see some of the best golfers of all time here in Tucson. Players like former ASU star Phil Mickelson and U of A Great Jim Furyk, to name a few.

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