The courts are reviewing about 60 instances after an unauthorized rally in St. Petersburg, Russia – emergencies

ST. PETERSBURG, February 1st. / TASS /. The Pushkinsky District Court in the Russian city of St. Petersburg registered 57 cases after an unauthorized rally held in the city on Sunday, the city courts’ unified press service said in a statement.

According to the press service, the Pushkinsky District Court sentenced six people to fines of 10,000 rubles (US $ 132), and another 12 participants in the rally were detained for two to ten days.

The Petrogradsky District Court ruled that eight people would be detained for three to ten days and fined one person 10,000 rubles. The Nevsky District Court registered nine cases under Article 20.2.21 of the Russian Administrative Code (organization of mass gatherings in public places leading to violations of public order) and ruled that a person should be detained for ten days.

The unauthorized rally took place in St. Petersburg on Sunday, January 31st. Police officers arrested some participants in the rally, but no official data on the number of people detained was released.

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