The effectiveness of the “Cool Pavement” technology from Phoenix will be announced after the annual project

Pavement technology could cool Phoenix from the ground up

The technology serves as sun protection for the sidewalk.

New technology could cool the city down Phoenix – it’s called “cool plaster“and reduces heat in urban areas covered with asphalt and concrete.

The city has been working on this project for about a year to see if the technology is actually cooling down certain neighborhoods in the city. Cool Pavement is a technology applied to asphalt and concrete to cool them down, and the city has selected certain neighborhoods to try.

“We want to improve the quality of life for our residents in this city,” says Rubben Lolly, the city’s clerk.

How does the technology work?

It is reflective and has a lighter color and chemical properties. It directs sunlight back towards the atmosphere instead of absorbing heat like dark asphalt does.

“The idea is that the heat in the sidewalk is reduced so that night temperatures are lowered,” Lolly said.

It has the potential to weaken urban heat islandsTo save energy in buildings and reduce the need for air conditioning in buildings.

Heat islands are described by the Environmental Protection Agency as “urbanized areas that are exposed to higher temperatures than remote areas. Structures such as buildings, roads and other infrastructures absorb and release more solar heat than natural landscapes such as forests and bodies of water. “

In October 2020 report, Heather Murphy, a spokeswoman for the Street Transportation Department, said Phoenix is ​​applying a cool pavement coating to nine locations that represent different urban features, from shady streets to open lots. Applications are expected to be completed by the end of the month.

Lowering floor temperatures can have direct benefits by lowering air temperature, which can help with heat-related illnesses, air quality, and energy use.

“Too much heat affects people. This is the role we can play to improve that,” Lolly said.

What’s next?

On Tuesday night, the city will release its results of the year-long project to determine next steps and whether to implement more cool sidewalks across the city.

Learn more about the program here.

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