The Facebook message ban sweeps the leading William Tyrrell site together

A Facebook page with more than 100,000 followers devoted to finding missing toddler William Tyrrell has been caught in the social media giant’s ban on news publishers.

Facebook on Thursday issued threats against the ban on Australian news publishers on its platform after a dispute over a proposed code of media negotiation.

Several non-news organizations have been affected by the restrictions, including government health services and community outreach groups.

Another victim of the ban was Where’s William Tyrrell? Take him home – Officially.

The “Where’s William Tyrrell?” Facebook page was deleted from all posts. Credit: Delivered

More than 109,000 people “like” the site, which compiles information about Tyrrell and gives it to the police.

One of the organizers of the site told that the restriction on contributions was “incomprehensible”.

“Unsurprisingly, Facebook has failed to properly plan or implement its stance by removing key community sites such as Little William’s, as well as emergency and government services sites designed to help and protect the community.

“With information on William’s Facebook page being passed on to the police, the removal of his page threatens to hinder the search for the precious William.”

The The “Where’s William?” The website continues to direct users to their Facebook page. Credit: Delivered

Health Secretary Greg Hunt said pages were falsely removed: “We are deeply shocked that they would take action that would affect health and related websites.”

Facebook responded to the growing list of victims, saying it would reverse any pages that were “accidentally hit”.

“The measures we are taking are aimed at preventing publishers and people in Australia from sharing or displaying Australian and international news content.

“A The law does not provide clear guidelines for defining news content. We have made a comprehensive definition in order to respect the law as amended.”

Three-year-old William Tyrrell is missing from a house in Kendall, NSW. Three-year-old William Tyrrell is missing from a house in Kendall, NSW. Photo credit: NSW POLICE

Three-year-old William disappeared while playing in front of his foster grandmother’s house in Kendall in September 2014.

An investigation into the little boy’s disappearance was postponed last March due to coronavirus and began instead in October.

The Where’s William campaign was launched on June 26, 2015 to provide the community with consistent information on how to find William.

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