The family marches for justice after the 2-year-old was injured on the south side of Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) – It has been more than three weeks since 2-year-old Catalina Rodriguez was in critical condition on the south side of Tucson and her family has been calling for justice.

Catalina is still in the hospital fighting for her life after suffering severe head trauma from the incident.

Her grandparents remembered Catalina’s joyful personality.

“She always smiles, even when she sleeps,” said Theresa Hernandez, Catalina’s grandmother.

“She is 10 handfuls but we love every minute and every second of her she is our baby,” said Fred Garcia, Catalina’s grandfather.

On April 16, Casandra Hernandez was crossing the street with her father and daughter Catalina when a driver met them at the zebra crossing and took off.

“She’s critical and she has another operation and this operation is pretty hoping she’ll stay alive, but we have a 50/50 chance she won’t survive and it’s unfair because we’re injured here. ” said Alexis Villa, Catalina’s cousin.

On May 8, at the intersection where the race was taking place, Catalina’s family and friends marched along West Irvington Road and South Ninth Avenue to raise awareness that the driver is still out there.

“I wish he had felt what I am feeling right now so that he would know and he would have the courage to come forward because there is no way I see this baby every day and it’s … it’s hard,” said Garcia.

Catalina’s mother, who is six months pregnant, has not left Catalina’s bed.

Catalina has another operation planned for next week and is due to celebrate her third birthday next month.

“We hope to bring Catalina home but only time will tell and we hope this doesn’t happen to any other child because no child deserves this,” said Hernandez.

The driver’s vehicle has since been located by TPD, but police say they do not know whether they have the suspect in custody.

Catalina’s family offers a reward for information about the driver.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME.

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