The Mayor of Tucson calls for a break in the expansion of the Reid Park Zoo

TUCSON, AZ – Tucson Mayor speaks to those affected that adding to the local zoo could do more harm than good.

In a statement released Wednesday, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero called for an immediate hiatus in the Reid Park Zoo expansion that would close a local duck pond. The start of construction was planned for this spring.

“I have privileged the councilor representing the area and the Reid Park Zoological Society to work with members of the community,” Romero said in a statement. “However, it became clear to me that there was no solution to this problem in sight. Therefore, as mayor, I am forced to help find common ground by demanding a break from this project so that the various parties can come to the issue can.” Table.”

In addition to losing the duck pond, some Tucsonans fear that the zoological society was not transparent about improvements to the zoo when voters passed a sales tax in 2017. The electoral language approved by voters in 2017 was “Funding Capital Improvements,” Operation and Maintenance, “and did not mention any expansion, according to Romero.

The mayor has called for construction to be halted while the city sets a solution that everyone can agree on.

“Community involvement should not be seen as impractical. Instead, it must be intentional and representative of community stakeholders,” she said. “If it’s organized properly, it can actually improve results.”

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