The Mayor of Tucson is asking the community for help in running the Climate Action Plan

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero asked the community to conduct a survey to determine the priorities for the city’s climate change plan.

The survey asks for basic demographic information and allows the respondent to prioritize different actions the city might take on energy, planning and development, transportation and waste. It also includes questions about climate hazards such as forest fires and poor air quality. And it asks for feedback on priorities for equity and environmental justice, as well as community engagement with sustainability and climate.

Last autumn, Mayor Romero issued a climate emergency declaration in which the city was obliged to draw up a 10-year climate protection plan. The survey, open to the community through the end of March, is one of several steps towards this goal. Community listening sessions are next.

All of these contributions will be included in the city’s final climate change plan, which is expected to be completed in January 2022.


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