The Mayor of Yuma praised the vaccination efforts, which are hopeful for a 24-hour website here

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls praised the district organizations’ local efforts to distribute COVID-19 vaccines and looks forward to a 24-hour state location in the near future.

Mayor Nicholls told KAWC that once vaccines are received, they will go to the county’s residents. He said more help is on the way from Arizona health officials.

“I’m looking forward to the future, to the potential of a 24-hour clinic,” he said. “That would really help us get through as a community.”

The Yuma County Regulatory Agency discussed the establishment of a 24-hour vaccination center for COVID-19 at the Yuma Civic Center on Monday. The location would be a joint effort with the Yuma Regional Medical Center and other government agencies.

Nicholls said if there is anyone in the priority groups who can get the vaccine now who has had difficulty making an appointment, contact their office or the county health department for assistance.

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