The Page campaign seeks to raise funds in response to the St. Louis County Council’s investigation into part-time work in anesthesiology policy

“We’re just doing our work as a council and doing our work as the council committee to investigate these allegations,” said Harder. “And he makes light out of it.”

Michele Hornish, a spokeswoman for the Page campaign, defended the donation offer.

“The charter was clearly not written to attempt to limit leisure time or weekends,” Hornish said in a text message. “People who are concerned about health care jobs think it is exercise to see a doctor.”

“That was honestly a good way of underlining the shame of their attacks.”

Page, who won the election in November to complete a term vacated by former County Executive Steve Stenger in April 2019, is running for a full term in 2022.

Rep. Shamed Dogan, R-Ballwin, said he was considering a possible offer to nominate Republicans for the district leadership.

The council’s ethics committee has also requested budget information on whether any of the $ 173 million the county received last year under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act went to Mercy Health or Western Anaesthesiology Associates. Page is a former co-owner of the practice; A spokesman said Page abandoned participation after the November election victory.

Page Chief Policy Officer Cora Faith Walker told the council that no CARES Act funds had been paid to either agency and referred them to the county public finance portal.

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