The Phoenix Police K-9 receives new bulletproof vests

Phoenix Police K9 receives new bulletproof vests

Stephanie Olmo from FOX 10 reports.

The Phoenix Police’s K-9s get extra protection when they’re on the move: new bulletproof vests.

Last year, a K-9 was injured in a shooting in northern Phoenix. After this incident, Valor’s non-profit K9 tried to better protect these police dogs.

“The K-9 unit has a very specific mission and there are unknown dangers involved with that mission,” said Lieutenant Roy Chalmers of the Phoenix Police.

The Phoenix K-9 unit is grateful for the donation.

“This very generous donation gives this handler and team the confidence that we will send our K-9 into potentially dangerous situations with the greatest protection available on the market today,” said Chalmers.

The nonprofit managed to raise enough money to buy three bulletproof vests, and they are raising more to cover all 19 canines in the unit.

“You are very special,” said Sergeant Andy Williams. “They adapt to any dog, are light. They are agile, but expensive. Each costs $ 3,000.”

The vest is also stab-proof and cut-resistant. Each vest comes with an embroidered signature with the dog’s name, police department and donor.

K-9 Dennis was shot dead while searching a murder scene in northern Phoenix. He has now recovered and is back to work with Luki and Turbo in his own vest.

“It’s a bit of relief to know we have extra protection,” said officer Ron Dorfman. “It doesn’t change our mission, it doesn’t mean we’re going to put our dog in danger. We’re going to do the things we do every day.”

The unit hopes to protect all K-9s by the end of the summer.

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