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Since reaching a multi-decade peak of 15.9% in In 2011, the annual poverty rate in the USA steadily improved. Although the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting recession may ultimately drive the poverty back There are communities in the United States where poverty is so widespread that it affects almost the entire community.

For the vast majority of Americans, the federal poverty line is an annual income of $ 12,880 for one personand $26,500 for a family of four. In dozens of American cities, well over half the population lives below this income threshold.

Using five-year average poverty rates from the US Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey, Wall Street identified the poorest places in the country around the clock. We included all cities, villages and unincorporated areas known as Census Designated Places (CDPs) with a population of at least 500 people in our analysis. Places such as university campuses and military bases have been excluded because income data in these areas can be skewed.

In each of the municipalities on this list, the poverty rate is over 60%. Many of these poor areas also share some other socio-economic characteristics. Often they have limited economic opportunities, which discourages many in that they retire from the labor force, which is reflected in low labor force participation in these areas. Unemployment is also often high. In addition, the level of education in these places is usually very low, which further limits employment and income opportunities. Many of these areas have a relatively low proportion of adults with college and university degrees. Here is a list of the best educated cities in each state.

Many of these communities are also home to large populations of demographic groups who, for various historical, social, and economic reasons, are most likely to be financially disadvantaged and who do not have access to opportunities in the United States. These groups include Native Americans as well as Hispanic and Latino Americans. Here is a list of the states with the most Indian reservations and tribal areas.

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