The profanity of the political flag is upsetting parents and neighbors in the North Phoenix Arizona Community News

PHOENIX (3TV / CBS 5) – Marlene Correa knows she can’t protect her children from everything, but the last thing she expected in her neighborhood was a large political flag with “F-Bomb” in the wind.

“I just think everyone has a right to their opinion, but having something like this where kids go by every day is easy, I just don’t think it’s okay,” Correa said.

Social media is about the “F-Biden” flag a homeowner posted in his backyard on Bell Road near 56th Street in North Phoenix.

“FU” is in smaller print when you have voted for it.

A number of neighbors have expressed disgust and stated that it is not appropriate to have a flag related to the current president’s language, especially when an elementary school is just blocks away.

There is no HOA in the neighborhood.

However, First Amendment attorney Dan Barr said there was not much that could be done since the homeowner was legally entitled to speak up. “It may be vulgar, it may be offensive to the people, but it is a political speech nonetheless and is likely protected by the first amendment,” Barr said.

The homeowner who hoisted the “F-Biden” flag spoke to Arizona’s family. She asked us not to show her face or use her name because we were concerned about her safety.

She tells us that she has no plans to take the flag down. “Yes, it may be vulgar and offensive to some to see it, but everyone has a right to their opinion,” said the homeowner. “If the kids can figure out what’s on the sign, then those kids have already heard that kind of language and vulgarity, either at home, on TV, at the movies, or at school.”

“It’s a sign,” said the homeowner. “Get over it. If it hurts your feelings, sorry.”

The homeowner doesn’t live in a HOA community so she doesn’t break any rules or regulations.

A spokesman for Phoenix Neighborhood Services said the homeowner was doing nothing to warrant a quote.

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