The Tucson Aboriginal creation helps keep communities safe

TUCSON, Arizona (KOLD News 13) – While Arizona is getting better about COVID-19, health experts say you should keep doing things like wearing masks, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands.

This has proven difficult in the classroom.

Even with a sink in every classroom, the eternal hand washing of 20 to 30 kids several times a day can take forever.

That got Tucson-born Zack Jarrett thinking.

When schools reopened to personal study, he found that they were not often able to wash many hands.

So he went to work to find a solution.

What he came up with was an outdoor hand washing station where six people can wash their hands at the same time.

You simply connect the station to a hose, let the drain run where you want, and wash your hands.

It’s a simple yet effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and any virus, really.

Not only schools can benefit from this.

“My goal is to protect communities and to help organizations protect their communities. Especially schools, churches, sports teams and clubs that bring people together but are unable to wash many hands, ”Jarrett said.

So far, Jarrett has donated five or six of these stations to schools in the Amphitheater Unified School District, and they already make a huge difference.

Outdoor hand washing stations are available now for $ 450.00 and can be easily assembled using simple hand tools in about 45 minutes.

More information can be found here.

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