The video exhibits the Phoenix Seaside lodge guard kicking the visitor within the head from a concussion

Phoenix BEACH, Fla. – Marc Vallin was working in security at the Nautilus by Arlo in Phoenix Beach when he kicked a hotel guest in the head after discussing dress code. The Phoenix Beach Police Department released the surveillance video Thursday night.

A Michigan woman who was a guest at the hotel said she had an argument with Vallin, 39, who pushed her down three steps. She said she fell on her knees and elbows when the victim rushed to help her stand, according to police reports.

The video shows Vallin, from Cannes, France, grabbing the victim by the head and pushing him out of the property, banging his head against the glass and knocking him to the ground, police said. The video shows Vallin kicking the victim unconscious.

Doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center found that he had a concussion. Officials arrested Vallin Wednesday for the January 31st incident. Vallin is facing an intensified battery charge.


Emily Hales, editor of the Local 10 News Assignment Desk, contributed to this report.

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