There are no “off” years, this is a year of construction.

Democratic volunteers and organizers from Coconino and Navajo Counties register voters and collect petition signatures in Tuba City, AZ.

Northeast Arizona Native Democrats: There are no “off” years, this is a year of construction.

The term “Off Year”, also known in the political world as the non-election year, is shifting. In rural and remote areas like ours in northeastern Arizona, we work, plan, and build for 2022 and beyond. Too often our churches are the first to be excluded after an election. Often times, there is little to no interaction with voters for up to two to three months before the end of a campaign. Our team of organizers from northeast Arizona have set out to change this ineffective model of political engagement and aim to be present and active year round.

We started building and planning in January 2021 and hired organizers in March 2021. And with the help of generous donors like you, we’ve been able to keep an incredible sales force in place to engage, educate, and empower voters.

Northeast Arizona Native Democratic Initiatives for Summer 2021 (several will continue through fall):

Over 100 students in Bacavi, Whiteriver and Pinon received school supplies and clothing again with the help of Dems Give Bac.

Weekly cleansing of the community in Kayenta, AZ.

  • Hired four organizers from three sovereign nations; Navajo Nation, Hopi and White Mountain Apache
  • Carrying out regular charitable events
  • Distribution of food boxes
  • Distribution of school supplies
  • Purchased solar panels and fans for the elderly
  • Implementation of weekly clean-ups in the community
  • Registered over 100 voters
  • Thousands of petition signatures collected to protect voting rights (AZ Deserves Better Initiative)
  • Fought to make Arizona’s redistricting fair by educating citizens and encouraging them to make public comments to the Redistricting Commission
  • More than 22,000 contacts made to high potential voters
  • Telephone banking of our high potential voters
  • Keep communities up to date on voter suppression bills and how we can stop them by contacting elected leaders to help pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Native American Voting Rights Act, and For the People Act.
  • Educating voters on how their votes have changed the way this nation and our state go, and how they can counter Republican efforts to suppress voters.

Voter petitionandregktowncopy.jpg
Weekly petition and voter registrations give our team the opportunity to talk to voters about redistricting.

Our project is active all year round to ensure historic voter turnout in all future elections. We took the momentum of 2020 and turned it into a program that motivates voters and creates good voting habits. At the center of our campaign and work is the power of the electorate and our collective ability to determine a new course for this state and nation.

Thanks again to our donors, helpers and organizers. They’re the reason our team can continue to build and strengthen the Democratic presence in rural and tribal communities in northeast Arizona this year for 2022. We appreciate your support, your encouraging words and your willingness to make calls, write postcards and much more.

In order to continue the organization of the efforts and to protect the voting rights, contributions can be made to


Checks can also be sent to: Navajo County Democrats – Native Organizing Fund PO Box 144, Lakeside, AZ 85929 · (928) 224-8021

Ahé hee ‘thank you

Jaynie Parrish, Navajo Nation
Managing Director
Democrats in Navajo County (Navajo County Democrats project)

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