Thousands of toys to children in Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – Saturday started one of two weekends for the Unplug & Play giveaway.

Between the two weekends, volunteers expect to distribute thousands of toys to Tucson children so they can unplug and play.

“This is a great opportunity for the Tucson Police to meet our families and interact with our children in such a fun way. This is also a really, really important and wonderful result of our partnership with GAP Ministries Good 360 and Toys for Tots, “said Margo Susco, TPD Volunteer Coordinator.

There were about ten volunteers in attendance to help officers shower Tucson children with toys.

Despite the 100 degree heat, these volunteers helped with a smile on their faces. Just ask Allan Tractenberg, who called the giveaway “Christmas in July”.

“Today I feel like Santa Claus or actually one of the many Santa Clauses here. I should really wear a little elf outfit, but that has to be enough, “said Tractenberg.

Tractenberg said he doesn’t even think about the work he’s doing because it all pays off when he sees the children’s reactions.

“You’re leaving really, really happy,” he said.

Toys for Tots representative AT Wilson said he was grateful for the volunteers’ hard work and hoped the event would bring hope.

“Part of the program is giving kids toys, but it’s more than that. It helps people, and sometimes people just need a helping hand,” he said.

If you missed the event this weekend, there’s another one next weekend at the 3050 ML King Jr. Way.


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