Top 5 Most Popular Jamaican Restaurants in Tucson, Arizona | Restaurant Review

This list is based on prior customer reviews.


5. Marisco’s Chihuahua

The true essence of Jamaican cuisine lies in the care taken to prepare each dish and in the use of the freshest local ingredients. Marisco’s Chihuahua places a premium on preparing his classic dishes with fresh vegetables and spices and serving them with genuine hospitality. They source their ingredients locally, you are sure to get fresh foods from this restaurant. You can also contact them if you might have any dietary concerns before placing your order.

4. Bombole

Jamaican cuisine isn’t just Jamaican food; it is a celebration of all the islands’ influences, from the unique aroma of fresh spice and herbs to the distinctive flavor of secret family recipes. Friendly service and top-notch dishes await your arrival, where the staff strives to make you feel as if you were sitting around a family table in Jamaica, enjoying the local culture and traditional cuisine. If you have an event, you can always hire them as your caterers.

3. Janet & Ray’s

Janet and Ray’s restaurant experience is authentic, warm, and welcoming. Many things make Janet and Ray’s an excellent Jamaican restaurant. Traditional dishes, homemade cuisine, and authentic childhood memories transport you to a much simpler time.

2. D’s Island Grill YES

D’s Island Grill offers a casual and fun dining experience for guests of all ages. The restaurant’s menu includes seafood, jerk chicken, kingfish, spicy cod cakes, grilled hot wings, and other Caribbean favorites. Choose your favorite combination and wash it down with one of Jamaica’s favorite drinks. You can feel at home here as their friendly staff ensures that you are well taken care of.

1. Ceedee Jamaican Kitchen

Ceedee Jamaican Kitchen knows how to do Caribbean food. They’ve taken Jamaica’s unique flavors and tastes and prepared them in a vibrant atmosphere by bringing them to Tucson, Arizona.

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