TOPIC PAGE: Fertilizers in the cross-commodity impact of record high gas prices

LONDON (ICIS)–Soaring natural gas prices have
prompted shutdowns of fertilizer plants and
have wide-ranging implications, not only for
industry, but for farmers and global food

European gas prices have skyrocketed to record
highs on multi-year low storage levels and
supply concerns, with Asian LNG prices
following suit.

Natural gas is a key feedstock for making
nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonia, urea and

Scroll down for expert insight and analysis on
the impact of these unprecedented developments
on fertilizer markets.

Global Fertilizer
Trade Flow Map

ICIS is excited to announce the launch and
production of the Global Fertilizer Trade Flow
Map, in partnership with the International
Fertilizer Association (IFA).

The map provides a geographical picture of the
trade flows of fertilizer products between the
major producing and importing countries in the
world, as well as production and consumption


Yara fertilizer production curtailment sends
ripples across global

By Sylvia Traganida 21-Sep-21 LONDON (ICIS)–
Prices for all nitrogen fertilizers are moving
higher on a daily basis and the demand season
has only just started. Some are already above
levels seen during the 2007-2008 financial

The ICIS Fertilizer team gives its view on the
current market situation and the impact across
the globe.

PODCAST: Soaring
gas prices trigger panic for fertilizer

By Aura Sabadus 20-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–European natural gas prices resumed
their rally on news that Russia’s Gazprom chose
not to book additional firm capacity to ship
gas via Ukraine in October. The news came at a
time when near-record gas prices are sending
shockwaves across related industries from
fertilizers to food processing, or leading to a
chain of bankruptcies in the energy retail

Senior editor Deepika Thapliyal and Richard
Ewing, global ammonia market editor join energy
journalist Aura Sabadus to discuss the impact
of the gas price rally on global ammonia and
urea markets.


US producer CF
Industries restarting UK ammonia

By Mark Milam 21-Sep-21 HOUSTON (ICIS)–US
producer CF Industries has announced it is
immediately restarting the ammonia plant at its
Billingham, UK, complex.

The restart follows an interim agreement
reached today to cover the costs to restart the
ammonia plant and produce CO2 for the UK

Source – CF UK

Industries restarts partial UK ammonia
production after government deal

By Ruth Liao 22-Sep-21 HOUSTON
(ICIS)–US-based fertilizer producer CF
Industries has moved to restart some of its UK
ammonia production, following intense
government pressure to resume output in order
to alleviate shortages in the food and beverage

Energy Agency calls on Russia to increase
supply to Europe

By Ruth Liao 22-Sep-21 HOUSTON (ICIS)–The
International Energy Agency, the world’s top
energy organisation, made a rare call for
Russia to step up gas supply to Europe amid the
unprecedented rally in gas and global LNG

gas surge continues, with no
quick fix

By Alex Froley 21-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Global gas prices
continue to soar higher on the
back of strong demand from
buyers such as China, combined
with low storage levels in
Europe and various production
issues around the world.

Petchems on alert
as high natgas prices lead to Europe fertilizer
output cuts

By Jonathan Lopez 21-Sep-21 MADRID
(ICIS)–European fertilizer output cuts due to
high natural gas prices are keeping
petrochemical producers on high alert as energy
costs could add another challenge after a year
of record-high transport costs.

Denbury inks deal
to transport and store CO2 from planned US
ammonia plant

By Richard Ewing 21-Sep-21 LONDON (ICIS)–A
wholly-owned subsidiary of Denbury and
Mitsubishi have executed a term sheet for the
transport and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2)
captured from Mitsubishi’s proposed ammonia
project on the US Coast, the US energy company
said on Tuesday.

US trade group
calls for restrictions on LNG

By Ruth Liao 21-Sep-21 HOUSTON (ICIS)–The
US trade group Industrial Energy Consumers of
America, which represents industrial companies,
urged the US Department of Energy (DOE) to
restrict or limit LNG exports on concerns of
rising gas prices.

Nitrates prices
exceed global financial crisis

By Julia Meehan 21-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Ammonium nitrate (AN) and calcium
ammonium nitrate (CAN) prices in northwest
Europe have surpassed 2007-2008 financial highs
as new prices for November tonnes are announced
by Yara, according to ICIS historical data.

Source – Shutterstock

India issues urea
import tender in tightly supplied

By Deepika Thapliyal 21-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–In India, state-run Rashtriya Chemicals
& Fertilizers (RCF) has issued an import
tender to buy an unspecified quantity of
prilled and granular urea, closing on 1

October ’21 TTF
gas prices rally after capacity auction

By ICIS Editorial 20-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–October ’21 ICIS TTF natural gas prices
rallied sharply on Monday morning following the
results of monthly firm capacity auctions.
Shortly after 11:00 London time the benchmark
contract was dealing at €71.00/MWh, up 7.8%
from the close on Friday.

Nitrates market
in turmoil as Egyptian urea hits nine-year

By Julia Meehan 20-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–The European nitrates market has been
described as having “gone crazy”, not only
because of skyrocketing gas costs and cuts in
production, but also the sharp gains in the
price of urea.

Ammonia producer
Yara cuts production on high gas

By Tom Manser, Richard Ewing 17-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Norwegian fertilizer manufacturer Yara
on Friday said it was curtailing European
ammonia production due to the record rise in
natural gas prices.

Source – Yara

Yara will replace
lost European ammonia output with cheaper
Caribbean material

By Richard Ewing 17-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Norwegian fertilizer major Yara’s
announcement on Friday of prompt 40% capacity
cuts at its European ammonia manufacturing
system due to soaring natgas costs sent
shockwaves through the continent’s fertilizers
and chemicals sectors, but the impact may not
be as bad as feared.

Nitrates supply
disruption could impact food

By Julia Meehan 16-Sep-21 LONDON (ICIS)–Supply
of the food that we eat could be severely
hampered by European halts in output by major
fertilizer producers because of record high gas

Empty fruit and
vegetable shelves at a supermarket in London.
Source: Shutterstock

producer CF Industries shuts UK plants due to
high gas prices

By Ruth Liao 16-Sep-21 HOUSTON
(ICIS)–US-based fertilizer producer CF
Industries has shut production at its two
facilities in the UK due to the historic high
gas prices, the producer said on 15 September.

Egyptian urea prices
cross $500/tonne FOB as buyers panic on gas
By Deepika Thapliyal
16-Sep-21 LONDON (ICIS)–In Egypt,
fertilizer sales for 30,000 tonnes of granular
urea were concluded above $500/tonne FOB, for
the first time since May 2012, according to
ICIS data.

Source –

Nitrate prices
react to CF production

By Julia Meehan 16-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Nitrates prices have reacted to news
that US-based producer CF Industries has halted
production at two of its facilities in the UK –
at Billingham and Ince – because of record-high
gas costs.

UAN prices in
France rise on tight availability, high natural
gas prices

By Sylvia Traganida 16-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–Urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) prices in
France have increased following a rise in
natural gas and existing tight availability.

Source – OPZ

Record gas prices
to hit Ukraine nitrogen

By Deepika Thapliyal 15-Sep-21 LONDON
(ICIS)–In Ukraine, at least two major nitrogen
producers are considering shutting down
production due to record high natural gas

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