Tucson-based Paragon Space acquires spacesuit company in New York | Business news

Final Frontier developed this prototype spacesuit known as the Extra-Vehicular Activity or EVA Suit.

Paragon space development

“We’re the only company in the US to have built a serviceable spacesuit in the past 30 years,” said Paragon co-founder, president and CEO Grant Anderson, citing the 2014 StratEx mission Meet operational requirements for the next generation of spacesuits not only for NASA but also for the commercial market. “

Founded in 2009, Final Frontier has multiple NASA space suit component contracts and is developing a design for NASA’s next generation spacewalk, the Exploration Extravehicular Activity Services or xEVAS program.

“We know that our expertise and technological creativity will help create a highly workable, easy-to-use, safe, and flexible spacesuit – the ultimate life support system for the ultimate hostile environment – which we believe will be very attractive to NASA will. “Final Frontier Co-Founder and President Ted Southern said in a press release.

Final Frontier also has a Space Act agreement for its Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) spacesuit. Such agreements allow NASA to work with private companies or other entities on mutually beneficial projects without contracts or financial commitments, sometimes resulting in funding from NASA.

Paragon plans to keep Final Frontier’s nine employees intact and plan to relocate them to Paragon’s Houston office.


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