Tucson Clean and Beautiful cleans up trash at washes after it rains

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — If you were to pass by Lee Street on a rainy day, it might look like a river in the middle of Tucson, but it’s actually the Alamo Wash.

Bill Halvorson and his wife Jana Guymon have been cleaning the wash regularly for 9 years, even when it doesn’t rain.

“I’m trying to be a good citizen, trying to help do things that most people would say, well that’s the government’s problem,” Halvorson said.

They live close by the wash and realized it needed some work, so they decided to start picking up trash there.

“We tend to do it just because nobody else is getting it done,” Halvorson said.

They’re volunteers with Tucson Clean and Beautiful and clean 3 washes, but mostly work on the Alamo Wash from Pima Street to Broadway Boulevard.

“It’s because it makes it just beautiful. The wash is absolutely gorgeous,” Guymon said.

They take the trash to the landfill, saying last year they picked up over 23 thousand pounds and filled up their truck about 50 times.

They said they find some pretty unusual things like armchairs, mattresses, bedding, furniture and even bigger things like cars.

Halvorson said a problem they face is the homeless leaving behind trash when police tell them to leave the wash.

“It makes it difficult for us at times. We have to have very large work parties,” he said.

They report problems they see at the wash to the City of Tucson, but say they don’t want any recognition for it.

“That’s not what we’re about. We’re about actually doing the work,” Halvorson said.


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