Tucson Makes Decision to Increase Water Bills for Unincorporated Residents | Local News – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-06-06 14:00:00 –

The city council ultimately decides whether unincorporated residents will pay the water bill, but these residents have no representation on the municipal council.

“Most Tucson Water customers have no choice or agent when it comes to pricing,” says Taylor. “You can change tariffs dramatically, and the county residents have no room to vote, ‘No, that’s unfair.’ I will vote for you. “This without a representative. It is a standard taxation without taxation.”

However, Tucson Water has no obligation to become a local water company. Handel argues that raising interest rates is a step in resolving unfair practices.

“(Tucson) owns water and we are making our water available to them at inappropriately low prices and we are subsidizing their water,” he said. “This is not a fair and impartial policy. No tax problem without a representative. We provided water for you and you got it for less than you need so we will fix it. “

Given strong opposition from many non-incorporated residents, Taylor believes interest rate hikes will worsen the already widespread gap between Tucson Water’s customers.

“There is a lot of resistance from district customers and we can divide our customer base into two classes. I don’t want that to happen, ”he said. “Tucson Water customers are all. It is important to be treated fairly among our customers and not be divided into two different groups or two different classes. I think we could split Tucson Water’s customer base. “

Tucson Makes Decision to Increase Water Bills for Unincorporated Residents | Local news source link Tucson makes decision to increase water bills for unincorporated residents | Local news

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