Tucson Music Hall Garage | Architect Magazine

Project Description

Utilitarian structure is one of building type a few designers play with. On paper, Lot-C Garage is a five-deck concrete parking structure, but in actuality this project is a work of art–one whose composition reflects both strength and artistry. This utilitarian structure is in downtown Tucson, situated directly west of Tucson Music Hall, erected from the remains of outdated surface parking and two loading docks.

The robust, solid parking garage is rich in ideas and sensation, yet it retains an elemental simplicity. Program-based design process worked like a distillation, from the reduction of the sauce to the enhancement of the flavor, which worked to produce a rich and bold structure.

The Architect started with the identity of the place, condensing it into a strong image that is both foreign for the building type, yet very familiar. The resemblance of the musical notes, by innovative use of Z-purlin, is strong and far away from direct interpretation.

The project has a powerful physical presence, monolithic walls, and yet dances along with a whimsical poetry of written music.

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