Tucson musicians join the compilation to support the transgender community

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Deadname Wash, a new compilation of electronic music, is collecting donations for rent relief for transgender people. The 13 songs on the album were composed by musicians across Arizona, including several Tucson artists such as Flor de Nopal, Kell, Jaeki and Lav Andula.

The music on the album ranges from pop to post-punk to dance music, but everyone has a foothold in electronic music and all songs are written by members of the queer community.

During the opening track “Isn’t it too dreamy?” Start the compilation with a dark and rhythmic track similar to The Cure. The album varies a lot, with “When” being more optimistic and the lo-fi “I hear it’s getting better” is milder.

Deadname Wash is currently available in the band camp as “Name your Price” so you can support your purchase or listen to it for free. Please visit deadname-wash.bandcamp.com for more information



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