Tucson Non-Profit wants to help charities

TUCSON, Arizona (KGUN) – The West has served Tucson for 52 years but has never had a year like this.

“This is the first time we’ve had to take a break and take a break,” said Ann Pickering, new president of The West. “We were closed for about 6 months this past year.”

Temporarily closing the doors resulted in a 46 percent drop in profits. The profits they make go to charities in Tucson that benefit women and children. They usually deliver eight grants, but this year they can only award four.

“These charities are having a tough year, too,” Pickering said. “They need us more than ever and that’s why we need people to come in and shop.”

The West sells needlework supplies, cards from local artists, gifts for all ages, and more.

The more people vaccinated, the more customers hope they will return. Pickering also said one challenge during the pandemic is getting volunteers back.

“Because we’re a volunteer organization, we need workers,” Pickering said.

The west is in the river center and more information can be found on the website here.


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